Skipper Sozialversicherung

Sozialversicherungspflicht für Skipper in Griechenland

Professionelle Skipper    müssen angemeldet und sozialversichert sein!

Ein neues Gesetz verlangt von professionell arbeitenden Skippern, also auch von bislang illegal arbeitenden Mitsegelanbietern, dass diese sich anmelden und Sozialversicherung bezahlen:

the new law that applies in Greece from 2018 and onwards which requires professional skippers to have social insurance in Greece we have added a new clause to the charter contract that has to be signed by the client on embarkation.

The clause states: “The charterer declares that there is no
professional crew member on board who has received any form of payment for his services and that no such person will be added to the crew during the charter without the prior written agreement of the owner. If the charterer acts to the contrary of this agreement any and all penalties that arise according to the Greek law will be undertaken by the charterer and he will be held legally responsible.”

In the event that the client has a paid skipper with him either
through you, his agent, or he brings one by himself he must inform us before the charter begins otherwise there can be a serious penalties of approximately 10.000€

Quelle: MG yachts Lettermail 16.4.2018